*A One Time Set Up Fee Of $4.95 Applies To All New Accounts

Individual Local Annual Membership

$4.95 per month

Individual Non Local Annual Membership

$5.95 per month

Add A Family Member to An Existing Annual Membership

​$2.95 per month

90 Day Snowbird Membership

$19.95 for 90 Days

7 Day Vacationer Membership

$4.95  For One Week

** A $19.95 Cancellation fee applies to all annual memberships cancelled before the end of year one.

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The 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk offers saltwater anglers the opportunity to purchase live and dead baits and tackle 24 hours a day thanks to our intelligent design and unique membership program. For just pennies a day anglers can guarantee themselves access to fishing bait and tackle twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year.


Memberships are offered from seven days to one year in length and can be easily applied for from any smart phone or computer. Monthly memberships are the most popular membership choice and are great for our locals and anglers who visit Gulf Shores and Orange Beach several times a year. Our 90 day memberships are popular with winter guests and anglers who typically stay several consecutive weeks. For our short term visitors we offer a weekly (7 day) membership program. Week long memberships offer the same benefits as all other membership.

24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk Annual Memberships last a full 365 days from the date of acceptance and are offered to both locals and visitors alike. Our new local Baldwin County and neighboring Mobile County Alabama residents pay just $4.95 per month (plus one time 4.95 set up fee) for an annual membership while annual members from outside of our local area pay $5.95 per month (plus one time 4.95 set up fee) for one full year. If an annual member wants to add a spouse or driving age teen to their membership then our Immediate Family member plan is an easy addition to their existing annual membership. Annual members can add another member of their immediate household to their membership at just $2.95 per month (plus one time 4.95 set up fee) and then multiple anglers can have access independently of one another. Immediate Family Membership Plans are limited to spouses or significant others and kids 16 - 25 still living at home. Ninety day memberships are paid in full at the time of approval and cost $19.95 for ninety days (plus one time 4.95 set up fee). Seven day memberships cost $4.95 for the week (plus one time 4.95 set up fee) and are also paid in full at the time of approval.

Before you apply for a membership please read the terms and conditions of membership to ensure membership is right for you. Cancelled memberships are not refundable.


Apply for membership by completely and accurately filling out the Membership Application. Once an application has been received the Captain Frazier's 24 Hour Live Shrimp Kiosk team will begin the process of approval as quickly as possible. While some new members can be approved and set up within ten to fifteen minutes, approval and set up can take as long 24 hours. New members are notified of membership approval by an email which contains a link to pay the invoice for membership. Once the membership invoice has been paid our team will work to start your membership benefits as quickly as possible but this portion of the process can take up an additional 12 hours. Once your membership is ready for you to download the app and begin enjoying the benefits of membership you will receive a pair of emails and a pair of text messages from our team. The messages will contain a copy of our very important best practices, an invitation to download our Kisi app and join our secure group, and a You tube link to a video of how to best use the facility. Once you have properly downloaded the Kisi app and set up your account you will have immediate access to the facility.

Annual memberships are automatically paid by recurring monthly credit or debit card transactions. Annual Memberships renew automatically and remain active until cancelled by an email requesting the termination of the membership. A $19.95 cancellation fee will apply to any annual membership terminated before the completion of the first full year.

All non annual (ninety day and seven day) memberships are to be paid in full at the time of approval and do not renew automatically.